Web researchers can search the ACI Scholarly Blog Index to find authoritative content from blogs in a variety of academic and research disciplines. While keyword searches to explore blog content are probably the most common type of search, web researchers can also find blogs using the blog title, blog author, date range, Library of Congress classification, and other variables. You can also search exact phrases just by enclosing them in quotation marks.

One handy feature is the search suggestions feature, which will display potential search term options as you type your search term into the box. 

Here's what a basic search might look like from the main page:

In the above example, you'll notice that suggestions appear just below the search box as the search term is typed. As you continue to type, the suggestions will change to better fit your entered search terms.

Once you've run your desired search, your search results can then be further refined with the facet filter selections located on the left; for example, to filter results by Library of Congress Classification, publication, author degree, and many others. 

Also, be sure to check out our tips on advanced searching in ACI. Ready to try it out for yourself? Visit the ACI Scholarly Blog Index now and start finding authoritative blogs in your academic field.