We've made it very easy for web researchers to get the full citation of any blog post they'd like to cite in the ACI Scholarly Blog IndexMLA (Modern Language Association) style, APA (American Psychological Association) style, and Chicago Manual of Style citation help are readily available. 


To cite a blog post, just click on the Cite button on the blog post's page. You'll find it in the left side of the page - just below the post if the blog is available in full-text, or below the abstract if the blog isn't available in full-text.

When you click on Cite, you'll see options for MLA, APA, and Chicago Style citation help. Just click on the desired citation style and copy the text displayed. 

In addition, if you click on Save this citation, an EasyBib.com page will open in a new tab or Window and will keep a running list of your citations. These citations will be in MLA format if you have a free (or no) EasyBib account; if you have a paid account, you'll have access to the numerous other citation styles available as well. Even if you close the EasyBib.com tab or window, it will still remember all of your saved citation results from the present search session, and your full citation list will be available each time you click on save this citation. Just remember not to clear your cache during your present search session before downloading your citation list.

Ready to try it? Get started now by visiting the ACI Scholarly Blog Index.