Export options in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index allow users to save blog posts found in ACI as a PDF document or to save to Dropbox, Google Drive, or several popular citation, reference management, and resource organization platforms. (You can also save posts to EasyBib; click here for more information.)

On any blog post page in ACI, click on Export in the lower-left corner of the page, just below the post abstract or text area. This will display a pop-up with several different options for exporting:

ACI export options.png

You'll notice common citation and reference management tools on the left, including EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero. The 
Download RIS file option also works with several other platforms, such as RefWorks. In addition to these common platform options, you'll also see several ways to export the post content as a PDF on the right. Just click on your preferred export format to begin exporting. 

Links to more detailed instructions by tool are provided below.

Export Tutorials by Tool